Michael Radassao

Michael Radassao

Michael Radassao attended Boston University, majoring in Fine Arts.  After a brief return to New York, Michael attended University of Miami in advertising and marketing.  After graduating, he returned to New York and began his career working in advertising and sales but never felt passionate about his work.  Soon after his return, someone important to Michael had a camera and introduced him to photography.  And so began his love affair with photography.  Photography was never his plan, but he has been drawn to the field over and over again.  Photography is his calling.

“To me, how I look at what I do, what I create – I look at everything as one would a painting or any other work of art.  My goal is to capture that essence, to successfully portray the greatness of what I am perceiving.  Photography is a spiritual practice.  It focuses and calms me – almost a form of meditation, of attaining higher consciousness.  It’s bigger than I am.”

“When I take a photo, there is a quiet voice in my head, saying “yes” when I achieve that perfect balance.  What I do isn’t technical.  It’s a gut thing.  Something driven by a passion for what I am doing.  It drives my choices of subjects and pieces.”

Michael’s talent is born of necessity.  It is a drive to capture the beauty and art of the life around him and he goes about it in an instinctive, passionate way that cannot be taught.  And the results are unparalleled.

Food Photography, specifically

Michael believes that the subjects he photographs should not exist in a vacuum.

“I believe that every dish lives where it lives (in the restaurant that it is served). Much like food tastes different when you are in the country of its origin. I believe photos are the same. The photo takes on the ambiance of the place, thus breathing life into it. That is what I strive for with my photos.”

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